A Society of Likes

Almost everyone is connected to some sort of social media. With that being said, I wonder how people utilize the social media that they are on. The more and more I use social media, the more I have discovered a problem. That problem is that we are a society of likes.

You are probably wondering what I mean by "a society of likes." Basically, our society tends to focus on likes. When a person posts something, they tend to await the likes from others. Granted, there is nothing necessarily wrong with this. In fact, I would consider this normal, because people like to be complimented and a like is now a form of a compliment.

Although expecting likes is not a bad thing, there are times when a society of likes is a bad thing. Recently I decided I would try something. Every time I was feeling down, I posted a sad, depressed face emoji on Facebook. I did this for around six to eight times. All except one time did anyone stop to comment or message me to see if I was doing okay. However, multiple people liked said status. In fact, some people even liked multiples of these status updates. What if that was a more serious sign, like a warning sign of feeling suicidal instead of feeling down?

Why are we a society of likes? I personally do not blame social media, because they all have a comment section. Instead, I blame our society. We are so busy and focused on ourselves that we do not take the time to comment. Liking a status, tweet, or picture is easier than commenting. Due to liking being so easy and our pure laziness, we have become a society of likes. And our society of likes is failing our fellow man.


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