Why I Have Not Posted

I have not posted for a bit due to a few reasons. From personal reasons to trying to figure out what I want to do with said website. All of the reasons come with their own challenges. However, the main reason why I have not posted recently is lacking the drive to post.

Share Your Story: Sexual Violence

Are you a survivor of sexual violence? If so, this is a post with you in mind.

Helping Victims Become Survivors

When it comes to sexual violence, helping the victims become survivors is something we can and should all do.

Sexual Violence Affects Everyone

Sexual violence is something that affects everyone. Sure, it may not affect you directly, but it still affects someone that you have interacted with or maybe even someone you love.

A Society of Likes

Almost everyone is connected to some sort of social media. With that being said, I wonder how people utilize the social media that they are on. The more and more I use social media, the more I have discovered a problem. That problem is that we are a society of likes.

False Standards

Everyone has standards. In fact, standards are a good thing to have. When these standards are pressured onto others are when standards start to become a bad thing.

Where Have I Been?

Over the last few months, I have not been posting. There are a couple of reasons for this. The reasons are due to being discouraged and due to medical reasons. Both of these reasons have impacted my ability to write.